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Your Digital Afterlife

Class Description: Do you have photographs, videos, and audio files saved on your personal devices? Do you have personal accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, or email suites such as Google? Of course you do! But have you ever considered what would happen to these digital assets and accounts when you passed away? Attendees will learn how to plan for, prepare, and protect their digital memories across multiple platforms, from properly organizing one's digital estate to rights management. Your digital memories are meant to last. Let us help you save them for generations to come.

Personal Archiving with Facebook

Class Description: Many people are using Facebook to keep and organize their digital memories, but what you put on Facebook today might not be there in the same way tomorrow! In this class, attendees will download an archived copy of their Facebook profile to explore what actually gets saved (bring a laptop!). Then, we’ll discuss what rights you have to your content even after death, how you can use some of Facebook’s features to enhance your archive, and what files you should probably keep somewhere else.

Digital Preservation: The Basics for Saving Your Photos

Class Description: Digital information, which is stored using series of ones and zeros, is extremely fragile. All of our valued and important digital files — whether these are photographs, text documents, or videos — are at risk of becoming inaccessible within relatively short periods of time. In contrast to paper-based documents, which can be left alone and preserved for very long periods, digital information requires constant attention and intervention to be kept accessible. Come to this class if you’re worried about how your personal digital archives, particularly your photos, can be preserved. We’ll help you develop strategies for making those ones and zeros last, at least for a bit.

Preserve Your Home Movies! The Basics for Saving Your Moving Image Memories

Class Description: Do you have home movies you haven't watched in forever? Do you have questions about how to preserve and maintain your 8mm films, your VHS tapes, or a format you don't remember? Join us for this introductory class on basic practices to care for your moving image memories.

Digital Archiving for Artists: Best Practices to Care for Your Creative Output

Class Description: Are you a creative professional who wishes to get a grasp on your digital content to preserve your materials to: better care for your legacy, to better monetize, and to better benefit the cultural record? Join us for this introductory class on basic practices to care for your digital creative output.