Memories are recorded onto fragile formats.

From our brains, to our LiveJournals, to our mobile devices--the present is captured by degradable media. The Memory Lab Network was created to help individuals and communities across the United States to preserve their personal histories and recorded memories for the future.

There are three ways to use a Memory Lab...

1. The Space

A free do-it-yourself digitization and transfer lab with state-of-the-art and rare equipment.

2. The Online Resource

Step-by-step instructions on using the lab, as well as further reading on personal archiving and preservation. DC Public Library also has resources on how to build your own Memory Lab space.

3. The Community Events

A series of ongoing events related to all of these topics. For example, workshops on preserving your family photographs, classes on preserving your social media accounts, Home Movie Day screenings, and other events celebrating local communities and their recorded memory.

Is there a Memory Lab near you?

Through an application process, fourteen public libraries have been selected as Memory Lab Network partners, receiving training, mentoring, and financial support to create their own Memory Labs. Can't find any Memory Lab Network partners near you? There are many other organizations across the United States that can assist you with personal archiving. Search this map to find these types of organizations near you!

Build Your Own Do-It-Yourself Memory Lab

If you would like to start a Memory Lab in your community, please visit our "Resources" page for detailed lessons learned, equipment suggestions, video tutorials, class slide decks, and more.