Cohort One Bootcamp Training Itinerary and Materials

MONDAY - April 16th - at the DCPL West End Library Branch

9:00 AM Welcome breakfast and introductions:
Partner Library introduction presentations and a group shared vision exercise
10:30 AM The DCPL Memory Lab model and similar models, Lauren Algee
11:30 AM Brainstorm breakout exercise
Noon - Lunch on your own
1:00 PM Society of GA Archivists Mystery Activity, Lauren Algee
2:00 PM Intro to digitization, scanning, and digital preservation, Siobhan Hagan
4:00 PM Questions, discussion, bootcamp logistics

TUESDAY - April 17th - at the Library of Congress Madison Building

9:00 AM A Guide to the Guidelines: FADGI, Kate Murray
10:00 AM The Art of Clumping: Advice to the Personal Archivist, Meg McAleer and Laura Kells
11:00 AM Appraisal: What to Keep and How to Describe It, Nate Schiebel
11:30 AM Archiving the Intangible, Kathleen O’Neill
Manuscript Division Tour
Noon - Lunch (with LC staff)
1:30 PM Jefferson Building tour, Rare Book Division tour
3:45 PM Questions, discussion, application

WEDNESDAY - April 18th - at the Library of Congress Madison Building

9:00 AM Intro to Audio Digitization, Siobhan Hagan
11:00 AM Veterans’ History Project (VHP), Rachel Telford
Noon - Lunch (with VHP staff)
1:00 PM Personal Archiving Program Demos, Jaime Mears
2:00 PM Preserving Your Photographs, Alisha Chipman
3:15 PM Questions, discussion, application

THURSDAY - April 19th - at the DCPL West End Library and the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

9:00 AM Intro to Video Digitization, Siobhan Hagan
10:00 AM Overview of: NMAAHC and Great Migration Project, Jasmyn Castro
10:30AM Overview of: XFR Collective and Culture in Transit, Molly Schwartz
11:00 AM Lunch on your own and travel to NMAAHC
12:30 PM Group tour of audio and video labs
1:00 PM Hands-on training breakout groups
3:00 PM Explore NMAAHC and/or DC on your own
5:00 PM Memory Lab Network reception

FRIDAY - April 20th - DCPL West End Library Branch

9:00 AM Workflow assembly breakout groups: put a digitization station together and make it work
Noon - Lunch provided
1:00 PM Project planning strategies, activities, and role playing, Lauren Algee and Nick Kerelchuk
3:00 PM Last questions and goodbyes