Memories are recorded onto fragile formats.

From our brains, to our LiveJournals, to our mobile devices--the present is captured by degradable media. The Memory Lab Network was created to help individuals and communities across the United States to preserve their personal histories and recorded memories for the future.

There are three ways to use a Memory Lab...

1. The Space

A free do-it-yourself digitization and transfer lab with state-of-the-art and rare equipment.

2. The Online Resource

Step-by-step instructions on using the lab, as well as further reading on personal archiving and preservation. DC Public Library also has resources on how to build your own Memory Lab space.

3. The Community Events

A series of ongoing events related to all of these topics. For example, workshops on preserving your family photographs, classes on preserving your social media accounts, Home Movie Day screenings, and other events celebrating local communities and their recorded memory.

Is there a Memory Lab near you?

Through an application process, seven public libraries were identified in February 2018 as the first Memory Lab Network partners. Network partners receive training, mentoring, and financial support to create their own Memory Labs. Please read more about our first cohort partners below...

  • Boyle County Public Library, KY

    The Boyle County Public Library (BCPL) is located in Danville, Kentucky, and serves a population of roughly 30,000 people.

  • Broward County Library, FL

    Broward County Library is located in the heart of South Florida and serves more than 1.7 million residents living in 31 cities including Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, and Hollywood.

  • Houston Public Library, TX

    The Houston Public Library (HPL) serves one of the largest service areas – both population and area – in the country. HPL has forty-two locations, including three Special Collections.

  • Karuk Tribal Libraries, CA

    The Karuk Tribal service area is rural and sparsely populated. The Karuk Tribal Libraries are currently staffed by one full-time and one part-time employee, and offer information relating to Karuk culture, Native foods and fibers, cultural practices related to the management of natural resources, and Karuk language.

  • Los Angeles Public Library, CA

    The Los Angeles Public Library is an urban library system serving a diverse population, with a service area that reaches four million people in over 200 neighborhoods--the largest population of any public library in the United States.

  • New Ulm Public Library, MN

    New Ulm is located in south-central Minnesota with an estimated population of 13,342. New Ulm Public Library has sixteen employees, including five full-time staff, to serve its 6,400 active cardholders.

  • Pueblo City-County Library District, CO

    The Pueblo City-County Library District has twelve locations that serves the City and County of Pueblo, Colorado, which has a total population of 165,123.

Memory Lab Network Second Cohort

The application to apply for our second cohort is open and due August 16, 2019. Detailed instructions and the application form to join the Memory Lab Network can be found here.